Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The Art Director and other founding members of Sony Online's "Agency" team
were replaced earlier this year. 

The founding Art Director, was a competent and confident Art Director in the classical tradition.
He had clear ideas about the overall look and feel that he expressed clearly to the art team, 
while juggling the complexities of real-time game limitations.

Why any company would get rid of such a competent art team manager is beyond me.

However, once that decision had been made, it was even more unfortunate to
have it followed up by the appointment of an anti Art Director.

Our new Art Director put a flat screen monitor on the wall that would slideshow
other art from other games. And next to it was the hand written mantra,
"Make It Bad Ass!"

That was it. That was our new art direction.

This is what constitutes most Art Direction at game companies today,
or "I Dont Know What I Want, But I'll Know It When I See It".

In an industry where crunch is so prevalent, is it any surprise that Art Directors,
and game management in general, have stopped using traditional management skills, as it 
is easier to just sit back and wait for an employee to bring them something that they
can proclaim as being good enough.

Is it any wonder that the "Agency" was shut down within a year.