Monday, August 1, 2011

Secret Projects

Amazon Recruiting contacted me in '11 with a job offer that was the most unusual I have ever encountered.
They had a project, that they couldn't tell me about, where they needed me to perform tasks, that they couldn't tell me about, making a product, that they couldn't tell me about.

So as Senior Visual Designer, I tried to make this thing, that I cant tell you about, with a team that had zero experience making that type of thing, and I cant tell you why, which is why they hired me, and I cant tell you what for, with a manager that maneuvered his team into acting complicity in a corporate security breach, which I cant tell you the details of, and a dev team that wanted to pass 3D data as if it were 1997, which is just too bazaar to even attempt to explain were I able to.

Other than that, it was a great job.
A Big Dating Game Kiss to Jeff B. for having the initial idea which made that project possible.