Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tank Ball

MASU U47 Tank Ball - "Twinkle Toes"

Digital Camo

An experiment in Digital Camouflage.
Image data is translated to pixels differently than it was to film, or to the eye.
Camouflage was designed to break up recognizable visual elements at a distance.

In today's battlefield, almost every act of visualization of the enemy is thru a digital device.
Perhaps a new type of graphic image may be employed where shapes are designed
to be more confusing to pixel based analysis.

Repetitive patterns that are off angle to repetitive pixel display will often create
a moirĂ© pattern. This camouflage attempts to introduce moirĂ© into the digital image,
thereby producing additional patterns that act to obscure the object being viewed.

Available @ T3DS

A real tank ball, the Kugelpanzer.

A similar themed turret



Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ro. A Rupik's Circle.

"one of the most innovative apps i've come across in the Apps Store. It's the easy to learn, 
but a lifetime to master kind of puzzle game."

"Ro is basically what a puzzler should be, and developers should follow this example in 
implementing new twists and concepts instead of solely producing tried and true games."

"Not only are you looking for something that is unique, it’s nice to have it look good, 
be challenging, and work well. 
Time to say hello to Ro. Ro is pretty much everything I mentioned and than some."

"Kinda like a rubik circle. The design of the game looks great, and the puzzle difficulty 
ramps up nicely, which will keep you coming back for a while."

"It’s a fun game of logic. A game which requires logically analyzing what’s going on, 
and reacting accordingly. Simple in it’s approach, it’s almost minimalist."

"I couldn’t be any happier with any game that makes everything easily accessible for the end-user.

"RO® is a unique rotating puzzle game ideal for quick play. The game starts simple, 
but quickly becomes frustratingly fun. Definitely try the lite version first; 
if it wets your appetite for some more difficult puzzle, upgrade to the full."
~AppShelf Blog

"You better bring your A game to figure out Ro’s puzzles…." 

It’s a very challenging puzzler with a unique game mechanic that I hadn’t seen before.”