Thursday, June 1, 2017

CNC Soap

My first finished product produced with a PocketNC.
It is basically a more limited approach to CNC,
as my original test model quickly reached the limitations of my
combined hardware, software, geometry choices.

I thought I was picking a simple shape, my Duael Designs Logo, 
which is a 3D yin & yang-esque swirl.

However, after many attempts, and help from Autodesk Fusion360 customer support, 
this geometry currently exceeds the ability of the code to "get under" the lip.

Figuring its just a matter of time until this changes, I altered my approach to objects that are flatter,
like a coin, and would allow me to concentrate on the other learning curves of CNC milling.
One limitation at the time I acquired this software was that I needed to convert my geometry to T-Spline geometry in Fusion360 before I could generate the cutting paths with CAM. 
The conversion from a ZBrush exported .stl files was problematic at best.

As of May '17, you can now import stl files directly in  Fusion360's CAM

Machinable Wax was used. It's a great alternative to metal of wood, its easy on your tools 
and it can be used in the "Lost Wax" process.
This will be used to create a mold for soap.